Bring in the Big Guns

So, today is the day that Peggy (the owner) and various other big wigs of the theater will be coming to watch our rehearsal. This is also the first time we have ran the show top to bottom. It is exciting and a little nerve wracking. Everyone is convinced she will be thrilled, which is reassuring, but still a little nervous about it. We meet at 11, will do a warm up/stretch, vocal warm up, and then talk through the show so we have a quick refresher on order. Then at 12 it is show time! Meow!


Back to some pictures of our Nashville trip. While we were in Nashville, Kevin was house/dog sitting for some folks. They happen to have the cutest (at the time) 7 week old French Bulldog named Hank. Needless to say, Hank got lots of pictures taken but he really didn't like to hold still so he was hard to capture a good one of. I did get a few though! 


Right when we got there we took Hank on a little walk. Look how tiny he is!



Despite what Kevin said, he loved the little stinker.



Yes… Adorable.



Pardon the awkward coloring and such but Brenton had his play time with Hank as well. =)



He loved cuddling, licking, and chewing (or gumming).



Here is the gumming. It was adorable and gross. 



He also likes posing for pictures! Not. He just wanted to eat my phone.



He also wanted to eat my headphones…



And my skirt… Are you noticing a theme here?


Ok… Now just be prepared for puppy overload. No words, just tons of puppy pictures. You've been warned.


Running puppy

Running puppy!!!!









These were all taken with my iPhone… So tomorrow you will get all the Hank pictures from my regular camera. So I hope you didn't get sick of puppy cuteness. =)

And in case anyone is still reading… The run through for Peggy today went pretty well. She loved it! So cheers to us! We deserve a drink and pizza. That's definitely what's happening tomorrow. Have a great Friday everyone! Meow!




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