Another, er, First one bites the dust…

Well, it officially has happend. While we were rehearsing at our lovely rehearsal site (which is located in an abandoned outdoor mall, just FYI), seen in Exhibit A, our Munkustrap (he is the narrator of the show essentially) injured his knee. It is our first serious injury. We were sure how bad it was until today they officially told us that there will be a replacement, at least when we open. Our original will try and work back into the show as the run goes on, but it depends on the doctors release.


Here is the location of the crime. Pardon my finger in the picture. Also, sorry for the crappy phone pic.


This normally wouldn't be a huge issue except for the fact that we have the bare minimum amount of cats and that means absolutely no extra people. Oops… So we were told today that our stage manager will be stepping in as Munkustrap and we open in less than a week. 



This is Nick, the stage manager/Munkustrap. Yep.. this crazy guy. đŸ˜‰


So our first injust has occured. How many more will we have? It's like a guessing game. Hopefully none but this is an easy show to get injured in. Keep your fingers crossed for us! And also for Nick! He started doing vocal rehearsal today to learn the part and will be working with Samantha the next two days to learn the dances. Monday we have a 3 hour rehearsal in which we are just working Nick into all of the dances. The break for dinner and back to run the entire show twice. Then Tuesday on the set! Yowzer!!! It's gonna be a doozie!

There is no need to worry about that now! We are all taking the evening off and we have the day off tomorrow except helping strike the MoTown set tomorrow when thier last show is over. So we are going to do sushi tonight! Yum! Then the Log House (Bar) is having a tiki party? I don't know how long I will stay but I said I would stop by. Caitie is REALLY excited about it and makes an annoucement every day. So I figured I'd show up. Anyway, today at rehearsal the air stopped working so we are all a bit gross and I need a shower! Have a great Saturday everyone and rest of the weekend!!!



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