When you live in a house with 16 other people and one of them is a licenced hair cutter… Sometimes hair cuts happen in the kitchen. And it is fun. 



This is David. He plays Rum Tum Tugger and also hair stylist. It's a fun game.



You can see how excited Samantha was that I was taking pictures. She loved it.



A couple days before this she was talking about how she was going to grow her hair out. That lasted a long time 😉



Go, David, Go!!!



She really was happy with it. I promise. And I love Josh's face in this picture. He's creepin.



Another day, another head. This time with more spectators. 



In order to wear all the makeup the boys have to be facial hair free. So they have to shave it off.



But sometimes the electric razor stops working when they are half way finished.



And this fabulous look happens. I thought he should leave it like this. Matt didn't like that idea though. Oh, by the way, this is Matt. He plays Bustifer Jones and Gus the Theater Cat. He's good. That is all.



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