Random’s #1

So, let me apologize right now. These are just going to be a bunch of random pictures from the beginning of my stay in Wytheville. Most of them are random events that I took one picture of so definitely not enough to have it's own post. Yeah… Here we go.



This was taken from the window of the Wytheville Public Library. I was trying to show my mother how close the mountains were but apparently this picture did not prove that to her =) She will see when she gets here! Very short drive to go hiking! But what a dreary day! It rains a LOT here.



Getting ready to send out my first batch of letters. I have to say, I really like snail mail and I need to keep writing even when I get back home. It's so much fun to drop them off at the post office. And I LOVE picking out new stamps. Who knew?



David sent this to me when he got his Wytheville Visitors packet in the mail. He was a little bit excited. What a dork. =)



Samantha found this little guy outside our house one day on our way to the car for rehearsal. She loved him so much. It was quite entertaining. Even when she tried to put him in the grass he refused to leave her. How cute 😉



When Samantha saw this picture: "Is that what my hands really look like?!?!" Apparently she doesn't like it. 



Before it started getting cooler this is how I spent most of my mornings. Out on the patio with coffee or tea and a good book. It was quite pleasant since no one around here wakes up before noon. =)



This is Miranda. She was just visiting so she could watch MoTown. She will be back in another week since she is in the Christmas show. She has recently taught herself how to play the guitar and she was showing off her mad skills here. It was quite peaceful. And random music happens often here. Bet you never would have guessed that.



This is a random picture I took while driving down a back road here in town. I stopped and got out because it was so pretty and decided to take a picture. I love how the clouds cover the tops of the mountains. It really is so pretty out here. Pretty much anywhere you look could make a perfect picture. 



So, gross, but sometimes this happens. And it smells bad. Kids, this is what happens when you have no garbage disposal but people stick food down the drain anyway. Then someone has to stick their hand in there to clean it out. Just FYI, I did not volunteer for that job. Ewww.



We got crafty and made a pizza one night. Frozen cheese pizza with lots of fresh veggies on top. Sorry for the ridiculously bright picture. Gotta love iPhone pictures. 



It turned out really tasty actually. Yum.


Well, that is it for the first batch of random pictures from Wytheville. There will most definitely be tons more of these. I'm trying not to overwhelm you with too many in one post though. I know at first I was a little bit picture heavy. Especially with the pup. Oh well! Enjoy everyone!




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