Rehearsal time…

So here are a ton of random pictures from various points during the rehearsal process. I just threw them all into one post. Sorry about that =)



Walking to Lisa's Dance Studio for rehearsal one day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous most days when we first got here. 


Another rehearsal outfit. Gotta support my Tigers even though no one in the cast even knows what Mizzou is. C'est la vie!
Our vocal rehearsals were held at the theater on stage. Kinda funny with the MoTown set. 
It is so strange looking at these pictures because when I took these I hardly knew anyone's name. And now that we've been together for much longer, I feel like I know all of them pretty darn well. It's so amazing how quickly things change and how quickly you can get to know someone and consider them a good friend. I feel truly honored to say I now know the majority of these people pretty well. They are all amazing people!
That is Karen up on the keyboard. She plays Grizabella but also is our musical director. She kind of talks like a valley girl and she is awesome =) Like, totally. Hehe.
This face pretty much tells you how we all felt for the first few weeks. We were in a lot of pain and were exceptionally tired. It was rough to say the least. Also, you know she's exhausted because she is sitting on our kitchen floor which is absolutely disgusting. Yeah…
At the dance studio on one of our breaks. Pretty much we all looked and felt like we were dying. It was great times =)
And yet another break. We usually sat around discussing how bad we felt. Ha.
This is the rehearsal space the theater has. It is out in the middle of nowhere at an abandoned outlet mall. I'm not gonna lie, the place is seriously creepy. We didn't do dancing out here because the floor is concrete with cheap carpet on top. We only came out here once to learn all of the non-dancing scenes and this is also where Matthew got injured. It was a bad deal. 
During one of our breaks at the rehearsal space. Before the injury.
And yet another rehearsal outfit.
I really love these black workout pants. I got them last year on Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving and they were kids size but there were $5 so I figured if they didn't fit oh well. But they do. And I love them. The end.
I got these new shoes at Target on clearance for $15 and HAD to wear them to vocal rehearsal. They are orange and awesome.
Sometimes when you're a dancer and your shoes are falling apart and you have to wait for new ones to come in the mail, you have to do surgery on them since you have to keep dancing.
And this is what they look like after. Covered in duct tape and kinda sticky BUT the soles aren't falling off anymore and your toe isn't sticking out. Yeah. =)
So this picture is really blurry and I am sorry about that. The point is, Caitie is CRAZY and wears high heals everyday and with everything. Including her rehearsal stuff. I am not exaggerating. Every day. 
This became a regular occurrence. Everyone trying to get into cat mode. Pretending to be cats in regular, everyday interactions. Yeah…. we are weird. 
Haha! Everyone on break and on their phones. Cats can't use phones you silly actors.
This is Nick's first rehearsal day. He was replacing Matthew and had to learn the entire show in 4 days. He was a little overwhelmed to say the least. I feel like his face definitely shows it. And I don't know what Caitie is doing. That's normal.
Nice face, David.
Samantha eating and Jessica working on props. Sorry Sam. 
Well, that is all for now. Talk soon!

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