Week #1

So, our first week there, we were the only two new people for CATS since it was still during the run of MoTown. The rest of the CATS weren't due for a week as I was helping Sam out as dance captain. That meant the first week Brenton and I got to learn many of the large group numbers so we could help teach everyone during our actual rehearsal. Whew… It was a lot. But we did manage some time for a little exploring. One morening we went to eat at Skeeters! It's the famous little diner in Wytheville. Apparently it's been on that Diner's and Dives show on TV? I don't know. You know I don't watch TV. Anyway, we had breakfast and it is lovely. I still haven't been back to try their famous Skeeter dogs though. Bad Laura….



Here is a shot of the inside. Like I said, very cute!



My yummy breakfast! Definitely hit the spot! I was not drinking my coffee fast enough for Charlie though! He kept trying to fill it back up!



While waiting for our food. Sorry the pictures are a little bit out of order. Oops.



Brenton and Charlie. He was the only one working. He took our order and made our food. Pretty interesting. He has worked there a LOT of years. They have all these pictures of famous people who have come in to eat. He was in half of the pictures. Pretty awesome history. 



And one of our days in the dance studio at Lisa's. That is where Samantha teaches classes but she also allowed our cast to use the space. I spend a LOT of time here in our 3 weeks before we opened. Gotta rock the Foster's shirt 😉 Thanks again, Mom!



Same day we (Samantha, Brenton, and I) decided to go to the Rec Center to get memberships. Of course they had to make picture ID's. Decided to make it fun if I was gonna look like a grundge. Also, ignore my poor attempt at doing fancy nails =) They looked good from a distance! 


Well, there are a few shots from our first week in Wytheville. More on the adventure coming soon. Hope you enjoyed!




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