When we first arrived…

When we first arrived to Virginia we were a little excited, to say the least. So we obviously had to take pictures with the welcome sign. We actually passed it and ended up adding over 15 minutes onto our trip so we could loop around and go back. Because we are cool like that. And dedicated.


Pardon the facial expressions… It was a tad bit sunny at the moment. There was also a GIANT spider chilling by the pole I am standing on that you can't see. He wanted to eat our fingers when we climbed up. Yeah.


Like I said, excited. That is all.
This was right before we pulled into town. Notice how the sun went away after we took our pictures? Convenient. Mother nature has a sense of humor. Always.
Not only a welcome, but a warm welcome. That's Wytheville for ya.
Right after we pulled up to our house. What was to be our home for the next several months. =)
My first bedroom set up. We have since switched rooms, thank goodness. This one was a little (lot) moldy. Gotta love basements of old houses in a very wet climate. Yikes.
Well, that was the day we arrived to Wytheville, VA. It was quite a day to say the least but it was a great day. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. 

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