King’s Produce

In our fair little town of Wytheville there is a lovely little groceries store called King's Produce. 
I'd heard many tales of the wonders it held and one day I decided to go and take a look for myself.

I got to wear my hat I got in Omaha! Made of hemp! It supposedly floats in water too ;)


From the outside, it doesn't look like much. And I originally went down the wrong street so it took me a while to find it.


The products they sell, for the most part, are hand packaged it looks like. It's quite a breath of fresh air. 
They have a surprisingly large and strange selection for such a small and local place.


This picture is for my dad. These are all the types of licorice they have! I will have to take him when they 
visit this weekend!


They had some very interesting things canned that could be bought. I'm not sure that I would trust pickled eggs.


I was a HUGE fan of the pickles though! I may have to get a jar when I'm about to head home. Yum.


But really, there was pretty much anything you could think of that was locally made. Pretty neat.


Some more sketchy stuff. Do people really buy these?! And eat them?!


They have entire corner of canned goods. Tons.


Tiny but very cute! And the prices weren't bad either!


Best part? They have a little ice cream bar! Home made flavors. SOOOO good! Nice little treat for the walk home.


And when I got home I had a nice little lunch of yellow tomato with some pepper. It was delicious!

So that was my little King's Produce adventure. That is all.


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