Back Home…

So, it is a little strange being away from home for so long. Even in college I don't think I had been away from the house for such a long amount of time. My parents have been hard at work though, doing lots of work on the house! I cannot wait to see everything in real life but it's nice seeing the process in pictures. They are wonderful. My parents I mean. And I love them. Here are the pictures I've recieved!



First, the sidewalk to the front door was torn out. 



Pouring the sidewalk. Let me just say, I am so glad my mom has a smart phone now because that means I get these pictures! Yay for technology!



Finished sidewalk. 



They bought a new table and chairs for the bar area downstairs. Look at them being trendy. =)



Dad putting in the new front door. The only one had broken glass for a REALLY long time. If anyone was wondering why there was ALWAYS a wreath up, that would be why. It covered the broken parts. I'm pretty sure I broke it during a temper tantrum when I slammed the door… Maybe not? Let's go with it definitely wasn't me.



Look at that! My dad has set the standard high for guys because he is such a handy man. He can do anything. I don't know if anyone can live up to the standards he has set. Love him so much.



The old parts. Next up- putting in the new post!



The new door at night.



The new door from the inside. Apparently mom REALLY wanted me to get a good feel of it 😉



And here goes the driveway! I am so excited about this!



Not only is it not crumbly but they also made it curve! Gonna make back out SOOOO easy!



My dad is the hardest worker! 



Love it! He did such a good job!



Again, thank you for all the pictures, Mom!



Getting ready to a little landscaping.



The new post.



Did you think I was joking? The hardest worker. Hands down. We are all so lucky.



How beautiful did all of that turn out! You two did SUCH a good job!



I even love thier bad attempts at taking thier own picture. Too cute! 

That is all!



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