Taking Down the MoTown Set

After the last performance of every show on Sunday, the cast helps strike the set so they can begin building the next set that night. Technically, we weren't required to go help with the MoTown set since we weren't in the cast but we were just sitting around at the house not doing anything. So naturally I went to help. Josh did as well. The rest are all MoTown people. Hard to believe we will be doing this for CATS in two weeks! Time sure went fast! The back drop up is CATS, MoTown wasn't nearly so tripy πŸ˜‰





Josh had the same job as me, catch and pick up screws. It was very exciting, let me tell you! That is Matt using the screw gun and John (who was not in CATS) on top of the stairs. These were actually staircases they left fully assembled and used from show to show and the guys dutifully took them apart without realizing. Hilarious!



Josh working lasted a long time πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. He got back at it.



Keith moving big pieces. He is our Macavity.



CJ. Also not in CATS but what a nice and funny guy. He's in IL doing Smokey Joe's with Kiarri and John Roth.



Samantha was having none of it. Matt and Samantha are both obviously in CATS.



Our set designer/builder giving everyone directions for what to do and what to do with the pieces.



So intense.



Kiarri… being Kiarri.



Jess working on the floors. It was a little dark back stage!



Jill doing the same. There is a lot of glow tape put down!



Matt watching everyone work.



Matt still watching everyone work πŸ˜‰



Almost finished!!!



We knocked that out fast! I was excpecting to be there for a lot of hours and I think I was there for less than two hours before we finished! We had the easy part though because then the guys had to work ALL NIGHT for two nights to get the set built so we could rehearse on it for 2 days before we opened! Yikes! Talk about a challenge. Woohoo!

That is all!!!




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