Up Goes the Junk Yard

So on Monday, after a long day of rehearsals trying to put Nick in as Munkustrap, we decided to go to the theater to check out the progress on the set. Samantha also needed to double check to see if everything was looking like they had discussed and that it was all going to work with our choreography.



This was us outback making our way to the back door. This is their scrap yard for the shop. It always looks like this! =)



This is the shop room for building the pieces. It does NOT always look like this. Building CATS made a mess. It has started becoming messier as they have begun working on the Christmas show set. Fun times!



More shop.



This was our first view of the set from backstage. Pretty impressive!



From backstage: Josh practicing on the trapeez. I was supposed to be the other cat that used it but in the end they decided that they weren't able to attach it properly and the ropes would eventually rip and they would have to rehang it every two weeks. So they just took the entire thing down. Sad times! I was looking forward to it!



The scaffolding we use in the show. This is our Heavy Side Layer. Since Karen is short, I got to be the test dummy to test climb on it to make sure she would be able to reach all the steps. Yay!



Discussing the trapeez.



The Jellicle Moon!



The beginnings of the sewer pipe and the trunk of the car. The car ended up having to be moved. Boy was that fun! That sucker was heavy. Took all the guys in the cast I think!



The entire stage that night.



Action shot! I don't know how I managed to get this shot with my iPhone in a dark theater, but I am so glad I did. I love it. Yeah!


That is all!



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