Make-up and Costumes- Kinda

Here is the very beginning of the costume and make-up journey…



This is my CATS unitard. They disliked the costume that was sent for me, but Milli saved the day. She had this costume that she brought with her from years ago when she did CATS. It fit good enough so they said yes. And there you have it. This was when I first tried it on.

We do our own make-up for the show. During our rehearsal weeks, we each sat down with Caroline (our make-up designer) for an hour and a half make-up apointment. She step by step walked us through how to do our make-up. She's super fabulous and I wish I had a picture of her! Oh well.



These are the pictures of the process so we could look back and follow them in case we forgot. They actually came in handy the first couple of times.



In the end, she decided I was too faded and subtle so when you see later pictures you will see differences in the yellow and red. 



Close up of the eyes.





Finished product.



This is what she loosely based it off of. I wish my wig looked like this though…



Brenton's make-up. He is scary looking!

That is all!



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