Cinematic Experiences

(These are not reviews. I love movies. All movies. As long as I'm entertained then I think it's a thumbs up. Which means I like a lot of not so great movies. Just so you're aware. Take my opinion with a grain of salt. =)

Over the last few months, I have seen a ridiculous amount of new release movies. Some in the theater and some right when they come out on video (or soon after). There have been some really great movies so I figured I'd share what I thought. First off, in the theater I've seen:

Les Miserables:

Les miserables

Just so you know, this is one of my family's favorite musicals of all time. We've seen it together and separate more than I can remember and also starred my brother and sister at one time. I think that's the moment my father fell in love with musical theater. Needless to say, we all hold this one near and dear to our hearts. When they announced they were turning this into a film and that it would be released on Christmas Day no less, well, we knew immediately how we would be spending our holiday. Musical movies make me nervous. I am a live theater person and I feel like they take away too much and add too much to create the films. This, however, did not disappoint any of us. My father claims he didn't tear up but I know the rest of us kept the tissues handy! I loved every minute and there are some really awesome shots they created. Also, filming entire scenes in one shot is great and captures the realness of live theater that I love. So kudos to them! I will recommend this to anyone who is awesome.


Django Unchained:

Django unchained

This is a Quinten Tarentino film, so obviously my pops and I had to go see it in the theater, per tradition. We were a bit surprised by the crowd that joined us but it didn't appear that anyone got up and left so apparently they enjoyed it. I have to admit, it wasn't as gruesome as some of the other Tarentino films but wonderful none the less. There were some interesting songs it in but not as memorable as those in others. Will I watch it again when it is out? Yes, of course I will. Will I recommend this? Depends who you are, but yes. I was thoroughly entertained plus it had a fabulous cast who I could watch for days. 




I must admit that many of the James Bond movies have all run together in my mind. Typically I will see them but not again. This film was very entertaining. It's a great action flick, and as I've seen many other people say before me, and really gets back to the basics of James Bond. If you like the older 007 movies then definitely check this out.




Amazing. The film, the actors, the script, the costumes. All of it. I also think this is a GREAT reminder that our country has been stubborn before with change and now it sounds ridiculous. One day American's will look back at what's going on right now and think, "They really thought that gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry?". That's my opinion anyway. They laughed and scoffed when someone proposed someday women be able to vote! How unthinkable 😉 But really, what a great way for everyone, young and old, to remember where our country has been. Even if it isn't exactly historically accurate, it's nice to see something possibly a little educational on the big screen. Definitely go see this. Everyone.




This is obviously not new. I saw this while I was out in Virginia. It was the first movie I'd seen in a long time in the theater and before it started I had no idea what it was about. (It's amazing what 3 months with absolutely no television will do for you. I must admit, it was wonderful!) At first, I was skeptical. Another time travel ish movie. Blah. But I was surprised and found that I really enjoyed it! There were some unexpected twists and I thoroughly enjoyed the cast. If you like sci fi/action ish movies then check this out. If you don't see it, well, you'll survive.


There have been a ton of great flicks (and some just ok) that I watched from the comfort of my own living room. Some of those are:


Seven Psychopaths:

Seven psychopaths

This had a real Tarentino feel, but, as my dad said, got a little silly. If you like the shootout and crazy story lines of Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction then you will probably get a kick out of this. I enjoyed it more than the rest of my family. The soundtrack, however, stole my heart. I will be purchasing it soon. Some really great remakes. The cast is outstanding as well. How can you not love watching and listening to Christopher Walken? There were several twists that I didn't see coming. Good for a laugh. =)




Being an animal lover, this movie was precious. Warms the heart and gives off a good message. My parents thought it might be a little scary for actual children even though it is a cartoon but I feel like a lot of children's movies are going that way. If you enjoy animated films and had a pet growing up, you'll enjoy this. 




I didn't realize this was the prequel to all the Alien movies until the very end. This made me jump a lot but overall I liked it. Will I watch it again, probably not. But am I sad I watched it? No. If you like the Alien movies then definitely check this out. 




Another cute animated movie. Again, this might be a little scary for small children but has a good message. I really enjoyed it, actually watched it twice close together, and I wouldn't complain about watching it again. Who doesn't love a cartoon about a kid who can see dead people? =)


The Avengers:

The avengers

Wonderful, as I knew it would be. Combines lots of great comic book characters and I love Robert Downy Jr. It's a great comedic action film. If you liked all the individual movies definitely watch this. I was informed by friends that I needed to see them all before watching Avengers (which I did) but my parents have not and they really enjoyed it. My mother was going to leave half way through (she did get a little confused and isn't a huge action movie person) but afterwards was very glad she stayed until the end. I would definitely recommend this movie and am planning on seeing it again at some point.


Beasts of the Southern Wild:

Beasts of the southern wild

My brother gave this recommendation to my parents and I and we really liked it (I think I did more than my rents). We did have to turn the subtitles on to understand what everyone was saying but it was a moving film. Definitely gives you reason to stop and think about your own life. The young actress does a truly amazing job (obviously, she's 6 and up for best actress). If you like artsy films that touch your heart, check this out. You won't be disappointed. 




Wonderful. Disney has done it again. I actually went out and purchased it after I saw it the first time. Everyone should watch this. Made me laugh and cry. And give my mother a hug. 


Moonrise Kingdom:

Moonrise kingdom

Another must see film, in my opinion. If you like any of Wes Anderson's films, then you will adore this. So lovely and free spirited. It's shot in his typical style with much of his typical cast. They do a splendid job and warm your heart all the way through. I will be purchasing this at some point because I want to watch it over and over again. 




This is an older movie but new to me. Not as great as the other animated films I've mentioned above but cute still. So I figured I would include it. This would be a good one for kids around Halloween time. Obviously, it has a good message for kids and adults alike and it's got an unsuspecting hero which is fun. I enjoyed it.


There are so many good movies out right now that I just want to sit around watching them all day! Unfortunately I can't, so many of the films out right now will have to wait until I can rent them. My Spring Break may have to include a movie marathon so I can catch up! Have you seen any really good movies lately? Let me know! Even if they aren't new, I love suggestions and seeing movies I otherwise wouldn't have!

Much Love,



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