35 Before 35




1.     Visit all 50 states.

2.    Road trip across the U.S.

3.    Go on a cruise.

4.    Go on a several day white water rafting trip.

5.    Take my entire family on a trip. 

6.    Go wine tasting in California.

7.    Make it back over to Europe. (Visit Leslie and Erin.)



8.    Lessons/Classes to take:

        a.    Piano.

        b.    Sewing.

        c.    Cooking.

        d.    Sign-language.

9.    Become debt free.

10.  Move out of KC & MO.

11.   Study US &World history.

12.  Write at least one letter a week.



13.   Finish my bachelor's degree.

14.   Dance professionally.

15.   Find a career I love & do it well.

16.   Have a photograph published in a magazine.

17.   Volunteer at least once a month.  

18.   Have my own home.


         Artsy Fartsy

19.   Write a book.

20.  See 10 shows on Broadway.

21.   Throw a masquerade ball.

22.  Direct another rock ballet.

23.  Perform in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

24.  Pictures:

        a.    Take at least one picture a day.

        b.    Get my nice camera out at least once a week.


        Health & Fitness

25.  Go on a yoga retreat.

26.  Running:

        a.    Run a half-marathon.

        b.    Run a marathon.

        c.    Complete a triathlon.

27.  Eat healthy and excercise on a regular basis. Find my norm/routine.

28.  Continuously try to live a more and more sustainable lifestyle. 

29.  Live close enough to work that I can bike.

30.  Organize my life:

         a.    Clothing.

         b.    "Stuff".

         c.    Keepsakes.

31.   Use up all my craft supplies.


         Random Adventures

32.  Things I want to do:

        a.    Sky diving.

        b.    Rock climbing.

        c.    Scuba diving.

33.  Things I want to learn to do:

        a.    Snowboard.

        b.    Surf.

34.  Climb Mt. Fuji.

35.  Watch a good professional soccer game live.



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