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Thank GOODNESS It’s Friday: This is Water

So, in honor of TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday), I am going to try and share something really good in a weekly post. This week I stumbled upon a Commencement speech by David Foster Wallace for the class of 2005 at Kenyon College.

In this speech, Wallace gives some phenomenal life advice for us all. He lets us know what it means to him to truly be educated. It isn’t the fancy job, or the money we make, but the small decisions about how we percieve the world. This isn’t the entire speech, only about nine minutes of it, but it is definitely worth a watch.

Also, the video done by The Glossary is quite amazing, don’t you think?! Here is the link to the full speech.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and rest of the weekend!

All my love,

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Here we go… Again

I have a love hate relationship with blogging. I love the concept of it, I love the community that reads and writes, I love the ability to share with friends near and far, I love a lot about blogging. I hate… well I don’t really hate anything about it (yet). I just have never found my groove.

(This is also me not quite finding my groove- with our crazy April/May weather this year!)


Over the years, I’ve attempted blogging on several occasions. Sometimes I got farther and more involved than other times. I used different platforms (I think that’s what they’re called) and have used many different names. I always wanted to blog so bad, I just never did.

Well, about the past year I have felt this strange compulsion to blog. I long to be part of the community that I have followed for years and feel like I know. If I ran into many of you ladies on the street I would probably instinctively be like “Oh hey, (insert your name here)! What’s up? How is your cat doing? I hope he’s feeling better. Your dad too!” And you’d be all “Who the heck are you stalker girl? Creepy.” Then you’d walk off and I would be mortified. Yep. That’s mostly likely what would happen.

Anyway, I created a blog on TypePad almost a year ago to document a really awesome opportunity I got to perform in the show CATS for several months out in Virginia. Ha, because I thought I was going to have tons of time to sit around and blog. No. I was out having adventures and seeing as much of that part of the country as I could! But the name My Bohemian Niece was born then, because that is what my wonderful Great Uncle Bugs started referring to me as. I loved the name. I wanted to use it so I stuck it on my blog. I still love it. I think it’s a keeper.

I get side tracked easily. Where was I? Oh yes, now. I returned from Virginia in November, immediately met this wonderful boy salsa dancing (the week I got back) and we started dating. I also started an (unpaid, yay) internship in December and then proceeded to begin my last year of college (everyone in unison now: FINALLY), plus my job to pay the bills. So, I’ve been busy and distracted and all that jazz, but I still was wanting to blog. Really bad. And I have no idea where this compulsion is coming from but it simply won’t go away! I decided to finally give in. I am restarting my little piece of internet home here, on wordpress, because everyone says this is the place to be.

Confession, I have had this created for a while now, I just never wrote anything. I sit and stare at the blank screen and don’t write. I get scared. I don’t have an editorial calendar yet! I don’t know exactly what my voice will be yet! I’m not sure exactly what I’ll write about. So I never wrote anything, which wasn’t soothing my itch any. Tonight, even though I have to be up early for a coffee meeting, I am forcing myself to start. Just write. I will get everything else figured out soon enough. I have to start somewhere and tonight is as good a night as any. So hello internet world, I am here and I hope to stay.

All my love,


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