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Here we go… Again

I have a love hate relationship with blogging. I love the concept of it, I love the community that reads and writes, I love the ability to share with friends near and far, I love a lot about blogging. I hate… well I don’t really hate anything about it (yet). I just have never found my groove.

(This is also me not quite finding my groove- with our crazy April/May weather this year!)


Over the years, I’ve attempted blogging on several occasions. Sometimes I got farther and more involved than other times. I used different platforms (I think that’s what they’re called) and have used many different names. I always wanted to blog so bad, I just never did.

Well, about the past year I have felt this strange compulsion to blog. I long to be part of the community that I have followed for years and feel like I know. If I ran into many of you ladies on the street I would probably instinctively be like “Oh hey, (insert your name here)! What’s up? How is your cat doing? I hope he’s feeling better. Your dad too!” And you’d be all “Who the heck are you stalker girl? Creepy.” Then you’d walk off and I would be mortified. Yep. That’s mostly likely what would happen.

Anyway, I created a blog on TypePad almost a year ago to document a really awesome opportunity I got to perform in the show CATS for several months out in Virginia. Ha, because I thought I was going to have tons of time to sit around and blog. No. I was out having adventures and seeing as much of that part of the country as I could! But the name My Bohemian Niece was born then, because that is what my wonderful Great Uncle Bugs started referring to me as. I loved the name. I wanted to use it so I stuck it on my blog. I still love it. I think it’s a keeper.

I get side tracked easily. Where was I? Oh yes, now. I returned from Virginia in November, immediately met this wonderful boy salsa dancing (the week I got back) and we started dating. I also started an (unpaid, yay) internship in December and then proceeded to begin my last year of college (everyone in unison now: FINALLY), plus my job to pay the bills. So, I’ve been busy and distracted and all that jazz, but I still was wanting to blog. Really bad. And I have no idea where this compulsion is coming from but it simply won’t go away! I decided to finally give in. I am restarting my little piece of internet home here, on wordpress, because everyone says this is the place to be.

Confession, I have had this created for a while now, I just never wrote anything. I sit and stare at the blank screen and don’t write. I get scared. I don’t have an editorial calendar yet! I don’t know exactly what my voice will be yet! I’m not sure exactly what I’ll write about. So I never wrote anything, which wasn’t soothing my itch any. Tonight, even though I have to be up early for a coffee meeting, I am forcing myself to start. Just write. I will get everything else figured out soon enough. I have to start somewhere and tonight is as good a night as any. So hello internet world, I am here and I hope to stay.

All my love,


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