Japanese Steakhouse in Wytheville?

So I don't try and understand it because this is the strangest small town ever. Wytheville, VA is technically smaller than Excelsior and yet it has double of several fast food joints and we also have a very good Japanese Steakhouse (which name escapes me at the moment, oops). On Saturday, after our tattoo adventure, several of us went out for some grilled goodies and some sushi. It was definitely yummy. I ended up not getting any sushi because I just can't eat that much food, but my steak and shrimp was SOOOO good! I need to eat the leftovers soon! Here are some pictures of our little dinner out.



From left to right: Josh (Juice), Notsuko, and Brenton. Joshes Mai Tai was friggin good… Just saying.



Me, Sunshine (Tiffany)



Sunshine was like a little kid. She was amazed by everything and it was highly entertaining. 



Oooo, fire…






Sunshine trying to catch some rice. Apparently Josh was trying to help. =)



First course: Soup and salad. Mmmm



My steak and shrimp. The best.



Here is Brenton's roll. It was called the Buddhist.


Tiffany took pictures of everyone with their food but I sadly did not. So you will have to just miss out and also trust me that it was all really, really amazing. I can't wait to go back again. 

After our dinner adventure we all went to The Log House (a local bar and grill which is apparently a tasty steak house). They were having a big tiki party and Caitie (from CATS cast) was really excited about it and wanted all of us to go, so we did. It was alright. I'm glad I went and think everyone had a pretty good time, it just really isn't my scene. None of us stayed too late but that's ok. I got some good sleep! That was my Saturday! I hope everyone is STILL having a great Monday!


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