Tattoo Adventure

Disclaimer: I did not get another tattoo. I did get my nose pierced but was mostly just around for the ride. Also, I just finished this blog post, was about to hit publish when safari quit working and I lost the entire thing. So I apologize if the second time around is not nearly as well written or layed out. I am feeling lazy now. 

*Yesterday was the last show of MoTown. The cast all left this morning. That means CATS opens soon. A little bit surreal.*

Samantha, Josh, and I decided to go down to the local tattoo parlor on Saturday and make some additions. They are regulars and pals with all the artists so it was a pretty fun time chit chatting it up. It is called Lucky's and is located right across the street from Lisa's dance studio (where we have rehearsals for CATS).


We were supposed to be there at 5:15 and Josh was planning on going first. They were running a little late though, so I went ahead and got my nose pierced to get it out of the way. It really didn't hurt at all and only bled a little. So all in all it wasn't a bad experience. My eye did water at first and I got a little light headed but I was sitting down so it really didn't matter. Here is the final product.

IMG_3551 copy




I had to let it stay like this so the blood would clot.



They were getting the area all set up.



She was so excited that I was taking pictures. Can't you see it =)



Josh makes the best faces!


Samantha ended up going first for the tattooing because she had to be at the theater by 7 for MoTown show at 8 and they weren't ready for us until about 6:30. Nothing like cutting it close! She decided to go with "Daughter" on her left hip. She is going to add on to this with all of the "roles" she fills. Pretty sweet. The font turned out really nice as well. 


Here we go.



She is definitely happy I'm taking pictures.



Our view from the waiting area.



The finished product.



Her boyfriend waiting patiently. Jared really appreciated the surprise picture.


 They headed off for the theater as soon as Samantha was finished and then it was Juice's (Josh's) turn! He got two tattoos. A star on his wrist and then the word dance on the inside of his index finger. It looks pretty good and now he has a dance moustache! Which is obviously bad ass.


Getting the placement of the star correct.



Placement of Dance.



The star went pretty quick. Look at that: not even a flinch.



This is when everyone is talking about how painful finger tattoos are. 



Juice also has orange hair and it is awesome.



A little blurry but a couple of guys watching.



Real smile.



This was an ouch moment.



He was enjoying himself entirely too much.



The shop guys were impressed. They were actually really awesome and crazy!



Dance moustache!!!!


Now here are just a bunch of random shots from the shop. =)




Look at all those colors!



David, I figured you'd like this!



They thought this guy was creepy for they stuck a hat over his head.



View facing the front of the shop.



Looking in from the street. 


So there you have it. Our tattoo adventure. It was definitely a good time and now Samantha and Josh (along with other cast members) are still hot with tattoo fever. So I have a feeling there will be another tattoo shop visit soon-ish. Have a great holiday Monday everyone!



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